The Mercurial God

To be honest, as Loki would want me to be, when I sat down to write the introduction to this blog I was at a loss for words. To describe who Loki is, is like trying to contain the stars in a bucket. He is so vast, so complex, so multi-faceted, and arguably the most complex figure in the Norse pantheon or quite possibly, in the entire universe that writing a concise introduction is nearly an impossible feat. I can describe who He has been to me, yet this may be vastly different to another one of His devoted, or the same. He has many sides, albeit one of His names is “God of a Thousand Masks,” and as a Hamramr or “shapeshifter,” He has the ability to shape Himself as whatever He may see fit for the situation. Even His devoted may experience Him differently. I will get into how I have seen Him later on in discussion links.

For starters, Loki is the force of change that sparks new beginnings, the unquiet thought, the one who keeps our world stirring with the gleeful madness of creative wonderment and laughter. He is the fire in our veins, the consuming ecstasy, the burning passion in our hearts, and the liberator of boundaries. He is the god of chaos, fire, water, misfits, and change. He is the Sky Treader, the trickster, the Father of Strife, and the sly god. I will go into further detail on Loki’s family tree and His list of names in a separate post.

Recently I have felt a calling to step up my devotional work for Him and begin this blog, a safe place where those may visit to learn a little more about this complex god as well as hopefully find some valuable resources that I, myself, have found to be worthwhile. This site will include some basic information as well as ideas for devotional practice if you choose to take one up, as well as my own experiences loving this God. Perhaps Loki has recently made an entrance into your life, or perhaps you are already familiar with Him, or perhaps you are just simply curious. Either way, welcome! On this site, you will find a list of Loki’s known names, links to sources of academia, recommended reading, ideas for offerings and altars, as well as devotional poems and prayers. Once a month I will be exploring an aspect of Loki in a blog post as well as featuring an idea for devotional practice. I hope to eventually feature artwork, music, and links to crafts created by Lokeans and fellow Heathens that you may want to include in your devotion to Loki.

To me, Loki has been everything from a friend to my patron deity, a guide, a divine lover, a divine husband, and even a father figure. He has surprised me in every way and had brought about a much-needed change in my life that sometimes felt incredibly scary. Imagine riding the most fantastic yet terrifying rollercoaster of your life, that is almost like working with Loki, but yet still not as exciting. He is full of surprises and had never allowed me to become bored which can be exciting yet frustrating all in one, yet always purposeful. He has transformed me into my authentic self, continues to goad me to find my truths, and teases my passions to rise to the surface. He has helped me heal spiritually and emotionally, stripping away my ego and self-doubts to guide me through transformation. He has taught me a great many lessons including how to love, the gift of self-love, and not to take myself too seriously. He taught me the balance of frith and tested my boundaries. He brought me to the Gods, yet continues to be the only one to hold the key to my heart, which can be as maddening as it is joyful. The biggest surprise I received from Loki is how much love this God has for His family and His devoted and He will go to no ends to protect that and treasure it as equally as you choose to. No gift has ever gone unreturned, no prayer is unanswered. I can quite honestly say I am beyond grateful for Loki’s steadfast presence in my life, He Himself has been the greatest gift and I would not trade Him for anything.

If Loki has recently made an entrance into your life, buckle up, let go of all your pre conceived notions, and be prepared for a wild ride of change and transformation.

If you are reading this, I hope you will find your devotion to this beautiful, yet complex God as satisfying and fulfilling as I do.


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