Father Of Monsters

There is more to Loki’s story.

What if Thor’s hammer wasn’t stolen?
What if conflict is the only thing that shapes our destiny?
What if the truth lies in things untold?

A long time ago in the land of giants, there was an unusual family desperate to remain a secret from the gods of Asgard. It was all going as planned until the Norse trickster Loki makes a risky deal with a Jotun that sets off a cascade of scandals that only he can fix. Follow Loki in this decadent retelling full of magic, love, myth, humor, and betrayal as he faces the new challenges of fatherhood and is forced to choose between his family or his own selfish pursuits.

Please note: Book launch is set for April 1, 2022. For those readers who prefer paperback, Father of Monsters will be available to purchase in paperback April 1st. All versions will feature illustrations by Fiendishthingyart and Mythic Comic Arts.


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  • Who is your protagonist?

    Who else but Loki, the Norse trickster who always keeps things interesting.

  • Is this a myth retelling?

    There are elements of the myths weaved through but I have been told by readers, it’s not. It’s written to delight those familiar with the myth and those who are not.

  • What is a dark fantasy book?

    Dark fantasy is a sub genre of fantasy that combines the element of fantasy with gloom. But don’t worry- there is plenty of humor to brighten that up a bit.

  • What is dark romance?

    Dark romance is mature romantic content for adult readers with dark themes woven throughout.