The Mind Of A Trickster

“Before I begin this short tale allow me to introduce myself. I am the light bringer and the speaker of truths. Some know me as the god of mischief, the sly one, the trickster, the god of lies. Most just call me Loki. I am, without apology, motivated by magic, self preservation, disorder, and lust. Might I add the gods would not be able to find their way out of a brown paper bag if it was not for yours truly, but we can get to that later. For now, let us talk about that time I grew a bit bored and something forbidden caught my eye, and how I ended up hiding out in wildfire aspect creating all sorts of chaos across the nine realms…”



A long time ago in the land of giants there was an unusual family desperate to remain a secret from the gods of Asgard. It was all going as planned until the Norse trickster Loki makes a risky deal with a Jotun that sets off a cascade of scandals that only he can fix. Follow Loki in this decadent retelling full of magic, love, myth, humor, and betrayal as he faces the new challenges of fatherhood and is forced to choose between his family or his own selfish pursuits.

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